Painting furniture simply transform the interior

Painting furniture will lead to a simple transformation of the interior. By correctly selecting colors and with a few simple rules for the coloring of furniture, your space will have a new glow as a result. Read our simple guide through the paint of furniture and redecorate your home!

Painting furniture: Preparations for coloring furniture

Firstly, you need to prepare furniture you want to renovate and paint. Grinding of furniture is the basic phase of every furniture renovation. Depends on the color on furniture, consequently, you can grind in several ways:

Standard wood color – usual grinding medium to fine grinding paper or mechanical.
Oil based colors – it is necessary to use the heat fan, then grinding with fine grinding paper.
Ultrapas – warm with hair dryer or iron and peel away. Remove the remains by grinding.
Veneer made of real wood – remove damaged parts, repair damage with wood putty and dry. After drying, grind.

Secondly, after grinding, the furniture should be thoroughly cleaned from dust and impurities and left to dry. It is necessary to repair all irregularities, holes, scratches and damage with wood putty.

Basic tools and accessories necessary for the renovation of old furniture:
– rough and gentle grind paper
– dust-cleaning cloth
– brushes and rollers
Depending on the material from which the furniture is made, basic and final coatings and appropriate colors.

Painting furniture: storage spaces

Closets and shelves occupy the most space in the interior. The kitchen is the central space in the home, if you want to change it simply paint cabinets.

Wooden cabinets – simply grind them with grind paper, clean from the dust and apply a primer. After that, select the color for wood in the desired shade and paint. Apply the paint in two layers. Make enough time between coatings to dry completely.

Laminated cabinets – the first step is grinding, machines or paper, cleaning dust from grinding and impurities. When the surface is clean apply primer oil-based coating that will go into two layers. Wait for the first one to dry completely and inflict the second one.
After that, your kitchen is ready to paint.

Tip: in addition to a new color, add new handles to your kitchen elements that will round the appearance. For inspiration, see the furniture of our exhibitors!

This applies to all sorts of cabinets, closets, shelves and storage spaces in your home. Redecorating the furniture with new paint and in addition new handles will refresh the space. Therefore color choice can increase, heighten and make space more modern.

How to achieve distressed style?

Distressed or washed-out appearance in interior design is a style that has great popularity. If you want to enter a dose of relaxation and feel at home like at house on the beach choose a piece of wooden furniture from the living room or bedroom. Renovating old furniture is an efficient and economical way of renovating home.

You must grind and clean furniture from dust, than dry. Use two colors should to achieve the washed effect. Achieve washed effect using matte cover colors in two shades. The base color is darker while the final color is brighter.

  1. way: When the first color is dried, use wax or pastel to paint the places where you want the final color not to be received, then apply second color. The color will not be accepted in places covered with pastel and you will get wanted look. Remove the wax and pastel by gentle grinding in order to discover places that are wanted to remain in the color of the base. After grinding and final cleaning, paint furniture with protective varnish.
  2. way: If a piece of furniture is in a darker shade that you like, use it as a base color. After grinding and cleaning, apply second color in two layers. When dried grind desired parts with rough paper. End up painting with protective varnish.

Painting wood paneling – new glow of the old trend

Renovating furniture has encouraged you, everything fits in style but you’re not sure what to do with the paneling on the walls? The pattern of wood in brown orange tones does not match the style you entered into the space? Paint wood paneling with a simple DIY procedure.

Painting wood paneling:
If wood paneling has gloss ending coat, remove it with grinding. It is necessary to obtain a slightly roasted wood texture so that the color receives as much as possible. Apply wood protection coating after cleaning from dust. When dried, paint with the desired color. In conclusion if paneling is located in areas where large amount of steam is generating, it is desirable to apply a protective layer that will protect wood from moisture.

Tip: a light colored wood paneling will increase and heighten the space. White-colored paneling is a huge trend in the interior world. Follow our page for new trends!