New Interior Design Trends

No matter if you’re redesigning your old space or creating a new one, here are some new trends in interior design you can apply on your own space as well. Due to the current situation, when most big furniture trade fairs are cancelled, we can use the virtual world for inspiration. Let’s see what experts have to say!

The New Open Space

Open floor concepts have been an interior design trend for quite some time. However, year after year, the number of rooms that are included in open-space plans increases. At the beginning, it was kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms. Now, the trend is expanding to bedrooms and offices.

The new normal has brought upon a huge shift in the way we work – from home. Now, we are forced to fit in a real working space in our interior, even if we didn’t have one before.

Most often, we just need a small, functional desk, a shelf or document archiver and a comfortable chair. The market for office furniture is huge and versatile, so anyone can easily find exactly what they need without meddling with the stylistic vibe of the rest of the space.

Connection to nature

Including natural elements in interior design is also a trend that’s here to stay. In other words, the aim of an urban, trendy interior design is to enable a smooth transition between closed spaces and the outside, natural world. This can be achieved in several ways.

Natural-material furniture or furniture parts, natural patterns on the walls and an increase in green plants indoors are indeed trendy in 2020. For those who feel more bold, there are floral wallpapers with huge, statement floral patterns.

It’s also popular and recommended to have at least a few green plants. They will freshen up any space and play an important functional and decorative role. You can also use various natural decorative elements, natural and floral textiles, pillows, glasses…

Back to vintage roots

Just a couple of pieces of vintage furniture in your space will be enough to make it 2021-ready.

Many people mix up vintage and retro. The basic difference between these is the period to which they refer. Retro items stem from the ’60-’90 period, while vintage style is quite older. The colours of vintage items are calming and pastel. Furniture is usually made of wood, but also harder materials. The furniture is upholstered and ultra-comfy, mirrors have big, impressive frames.

Add just a single piece of vintage furniture to your space – a chandelier, photo frame or a wooden dresser and complete your functional space with a dash of history.

The Color Blue

Blue is an absolute hit in interior design this year. You can use blue paint for your entire room or just one wall. Get a sofa or an armchair in this attractive color.

If you’re not a big fan of blue, but you want to keep up with the trends, you can choose just a couple of items that you will fit into your current space and match with other colors. It can be a blue carpet, picture frame, decoration piece…

Freestanding bathtubs

These bathtubs are the latest trend in bathroom design. Of course, it’s much easier to fit them into the space when you’re designing from scratch. Still, you should keep this trend in mind even when you’re re-decorating your old bathroom. Create a tiny wellness sanctuary where you can enjoy to the maximum.

To start with, you would need to have enough square footage to set up this bathtub in your bathroom. An even better solution would be to install both a shower and a bathtub to cater to all family members. All the while, the bathroom would be adapted to the modern, fast way of living. Just imagine how refreshing it would be to enjoy those relaxing moments in a beautiful, modern, freestanding bathtub.

Abstract motifs

The goal of this new trend is to make any home a small or big piece of art by using geometrical shapes of various items, paintings and decorations.

Abstract motifs are fairly easy to fit into the rest of the design because of their clear-cut lines. Simply choose a big abstract painting with colors that you like and that fit well with the rest of your interior. You can even paint one on your own. The result will be an original, unique and modern space.

Are you already following some of these? What is your new favorite interior design trend?